The home has become a space of care and well-being, and rest is finally becoming essential. The vast majority of people want to improve their sleep, and regardless of income level, we all want to rest better. Increasingly, customers prefer production to be local, and to have low impact on the environment. Sustainability criteria are already part of our conscience and are increasingly influencing our purchasing decisions.

These are the signs that inspired us to design the new Ecus collection.

Advantages that differentiate us

More than 25 years of experience manufacturing our own pocket springs, has led us to be pioneers in the production of 100% pocket spring cores to achieve the best performance and the best service.

When we sit on the perimeter, the foam frames flex and can become unstuck, while the Multispring® spring frames cushion in a straight line, keeping the integrity of the mattress intact and providing better support for the edges.

Perimeter frame durability and loss of firmness test: foam frame vs. Multispring® perimeter reinforcement.

At Ecus we have improved our production process to offer you the best possible service.

We have transformed our warehouse to be able to assemble any model in record time, reducing response times.

Our mattresses are rolled just before loading to ensure their quality and that they reach you in perfect condition. We strive to offer you the best.

We have designed all mattresses so that they can be rolled up and shipped by express transport, thus ensuring receipt at any point in just two or three days, and with maximum reliability and quality assurance.

We also offer the option of receiving the mattresses flat, unrolled, using the quietest means of transport. You decide how to receive them.

En Ecus valoramos mucho tu relación con nosotros, por eso queremos estar en contacto contigo de la manera más cercana y efectiva posible.

Utilizaremos todas las herramientas que la tecnología nos brinda, sin olvidarnos del contacto personal. Estamos comprometidos con brindarte el mejor servicio posible.

Juntos, personas y tecnología, trabajaremos para resolver cualquier necesidad que tengas. Ecus, contigo en cada momento.

En Ecus nos preocupamos por ayudarte en todo momento, por eso no solo diseñamos productos de alta calidad, sino que también te brindamos toda la información necesaria para una venta fácil, ágil y segura. ¡Estamos contigo en cada paso del camino!

En Ecus sabemos que la presentación de tu negocio es fundamental por lo que, respetando la estética de tu espacio, creamos una zona Ecus bonita, elegante y homogénea

We present products that are much more durable, and at the end of their useful life, are easily recycled. An authentic offer, with its own style, where simplicity prevails, with terms and definitions that are understandable to all and that reflect clear and true arguments. They are serene designs, in which we have used only elements that add value to the users. At Ecus we are now simpler, closer, more authentic and also greener. Green is our new color.

We know that the presentation of your business is fundamental so, respecting the aesthetics of your space, we create a beautiful, elegant and homogeneous Ecus area.

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