Update: October 2017

A cookie is a small file stored on your navigator when you are surfing the Net. Cookies are used in order to remember what websites you have visited, what products or news you are interested in… The purpose of cookies is to adapt the Internet to your preferences and needs, without cookies, surfing the Net would be tedious.


1. — Cookies used on the website

Following Spanish Data Protection Agency guidelines, we detail the use of cookies on this website.


2. – This website uses its own cookies

“Session cookies” guarantee that the users that write on the blog are humans and not automatized apps. This is how we avoid spam.


3. — This website uses third parties cookies

Google Analytics: Stores cookies to measure the number of users on a website. When you are on this website, you allow Google to store information about you. If you wish your information not to be stored, you have to reach Google.

Social media: Each social network uses its own cookies so you can click on Like or Share buttons.


4. — Disable or clear cookies

You can disable or clear cookies from this website. This is done in different ways depending on the browser used.


5. — Further notes

We do not take responsibility for other brands or people’s cookies policy.

Browsers are in charge of storing cookies and it is from there where the data stored can be cleared. This website or its legal representatives cannot assure a proper use of cookies made by browsers.

Sometimes it is necessary to install cookies to stop browsers to store cookies.
When it comes to Google Analytics’ cookies, this website storages cookies in USA servers. We are committed to not to share the data gathered, unless legal forces require the information. Google states that your IP address is not saved. Google Inc. follows the Safe Harbor Agreement and guarantees that your data is processed under the European legislation. You have further information about this issue in the following link. If you wish to know about Google’s use of cookies, you have the information on this link.

If you have questions or doubts about cookies policy, do not hesitate and let us know.