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Nowadays, sofa-beds are a problem-solving item regarding space at home.
Currently, plenty of people live in small apartments, especially in big cities with a high density of population. It is there where we can find plenty of studio apartments or compact flats. But, sometimes, we may need to host people, and when this happens, we want to give our best, because our family and friends deserve it.

For those who cannot have an exclusive room at home for their guests, a sofa-bed is one of the most popular solutions. Forget about all those out-dated sofa-beds which you could not tell what that object it was, those heavy steeled systems that made lots of noises are gone forever. Up to now, there are plenty of sofa-beds that mix the design of a good sofa without forgetting the comfort that should be provided as a bed. Down below, we will highlight some features that should be taken into account when choosing the perfect sofa-bed.

Sofa-beds functionality

As we previously mentioned, it is important to buy a sofa-bed where you can feel comfortable while sitting on it, and comfortable when it is used as a bed. And added to this, the sofa-bed should fit with the distribution and design of the room where it is placed. In order to satisfy all the possible needs, it is important to pay attention to the opening systems present at the market to better satisfy our necessities. From the classic Italian opening system to the most up-to-date bunk beds, there is a wide range of possibilities. Accordingly, it is also important to have an easy-to-open system, otherwise, if you need to read the instruction book, the purchase will not be worth it.

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The size of the mattress matters

Since this piece of furniture is used as an assistance article when we have guests at home, the size of the mattress of our sofa-bed should match with at least one of our beds at home. If this is not the case, we would need to buy bedclothes just for our sofa-bed. Thus, this linen will not be used as much as possible and will only take up place in small flats and studios, where every single corner is needed for storage.


We have to bear in mind that sofa-beds are usually heavier than ordinary sofas. This is so because of the weight of the frame and the mattress. Therefore, we should put it in a room where we will not need to move it anymore. The easier we make things, the more time we will have to spend with our guests.

Room measurements and equipment

Even though it may seem obvious, the access to the room should remain free. And, we should make sure that we can open and close the door without difficulties and keep exit clear. If you cannot place a three-seat sofa-bed, perhaps you should buy two two-seat sofa-bed. Remember that we mentioned that the market is offering plenty of possibilities, and even one-seat sofa-beds are available.

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Once we have make up our minds and we want to invest in a sofa-bed, we want it to last. In doing so, it is very important to focus on the materials used to produce it. Focusing on the opening system, resistance, the quality of the filler and the materials of the mattress, that should be flexible enough and pliable. Especially this last one, because the mattress will be folded plenty of times and it will suffer weight pressure.

Frequency of use

Regardless of the versatility of sofa-beds, we should consider the frequency of use. For example, if we will mainly use it as a sofa, we will pay attention to the design and its comfort. On the other hand, if we will often use it as an spare bed, perhaps we should locate it in a room where the object has no prominence and sacrifice design to comfort.


We have a wide selection of fabrics: plain, printed, leather… You can easily find the perfect fabric that matches with your room, without forgetting the quality of the materials.

We hope you find all these tips useful when you find yourself buying a sofa-bed for you and your guests. Do not forget that your choice will influence on your success as a host, but be careful, because if your sofa-bed is too comfortable, your house will always be full with guests!

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