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Pocket sprungs. Pocket sprung mattresses are a particular type within the general “sprung mattresses”. The pocket sprung denomination corresponds to the shape in which this type of sprung is manufactured. It consists of wrapping each sprung individually in a pocket with a textile-like material. The main defining characteristic of pocket mattresses is that each of these sprungs behaves individually, unlike other types of sprungs on which a sprung “pulls” the rest of them, by way are joined together. Pocket mattresses are technologically advanced, regarding those that use other types of blocking. Mattresses of pocket sprungs have a distinguishing feature: they create an inner air chamber that provides ventilation of the mattress, while avoiding undesirable effects such as humidity. Mattresses with pocket sprungs have different degrees of steadiness depending on the number of sprungs used, shape of the coil, wire diameter, etc.
Cotton Green. Pocket springs core. Lumbar reinforced. Viscoelastic padding. Bactericidal fabric. Steady – more steady.