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Memory foam

The memory foam mattresses are all of those that use as main element for suppor a block of memory foam. This foam is usually linked to another block of conventional foam. The main characteristic of memory foam mattresses is given by the specific properties that this type of foam has.

Resting in memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses mold themselves to the body producing a pleasant zero gravity sensation for the user or the so called memory effect, that allow the user to experiment out of the ordinary sensations. Another of the principal characteristics of the memory foam mattresses is the wrapping effect, that prevents excessive movement through the night, enabling a much more pleasant and restful rest.

Depending on the needs and tastes of the user the choice of a type of core or another and the mattress firmness varies, thus engaging the demands of wellbeing and relaxation of each user.

Favora Oxigena. HD foam core. Viscoelastic padding. Satin fabric. Medium – Medium High Firmness.