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Ecus Baby. Our cot and mini cot mattresses are designed to meet the different needs of babies in their first months of life. When we design we analyze the recommendations of pediatric specialists so therefore our products are safe and suitable for their requirements. During the early stages are two possible syndromes that we must prevent. Below 6 months the main concern should be the prevention of sudden infant death (SIDS). The higher risk happens at the early stages of mini cot use. At this stage the mattress should be firm (not hard) breathable and hygienic. Our mini cot mattresses follow ASEPRI recommendations for prevention. From 4-5 month incidence of sudden death disappears and the risk is focus on other syndrome to prevent, plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). At this stage the mattress should distribute the weight of the baby’s head between many points in order to reduce pressure on it. Also they must remain breathable and hygienic. In all our products we care much about the use of materials with Oeko-Tex certificates, both in core and tissues, which gives us the tranquility that babies are sleeping on safe mattresses. Given the amount of time a baby spends in cot mattress or mini cot (more than 18 hours per day on early stages) and the impact it can make in the development of his whole life investing in the right mattress is always a good deal.
Organic. HR perfilated core. Highly breathable. Multi-age. Organic cotton fabric.