Ecus Kids. Kids’ sleep is essential for a good physical and psychological development. A bad night’s sleep affects the way children face the day. Considering how busy are our kids nowadays at school, activities, sports, extra lessons among other things, we should provide the necessary for a sound sleep. A mattress for kids is specially designed to satisfy their needs. The firmness of each area is adapted for a correct physical development. Our kids usually start to use beds when they are two years old, and as we all know, once the kid is 13 years old s/he will weight much more. That is why children need mattresses that adapt to their growing pace, cleverly distributing weight in order to provide a healthy rest. We cannot forget about pillows, a valuable item to achieve the correct position while sleeping. Pillows for kids should be slightly lower than the ones for adults (due to different head proportions and torso). Furthermore, the use of protective sheets, that at the same time are breathable and waterproof help to achieve a cool and dry sleep.

Dubi Nature. Pefilated HR Foam. Cot side and toddler side. Linen and cotton fabric. Removable covers. Medium / soft firmness.