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Customize your side of the bed with Cocoon. Ecus offers you a highly adaptable mattress and the opportunity to customise your each side of your bed. Because there are infinite sleep forms Ecus introduces Cocoon, the mattress that allows to choose the firmness and feeling according to your needs. The feelings are given by the choice among four different toppings. There are four options available: The PCM2 topping has been created to make warmer winters and cooler summers. Built with phase change materials which are able to absorb excessive heat in summer and help to regulate cold temperatures in winter. The Gravity topping gives users a true sensation of weightlessness and pressure relief. The memory foam gives a uniform distribution of bodyweight improving blood circulation. Gel topping is dedicated to those who are sensitive to warm temperatures due to extraordinary and immediate refreshing properties. It reduces thermal perception between 3 and 4ºC dissipating heat very quickly. The breeze topping offers softness and lightness combined with excellent ventilation, open cell HR foam for a better evaporation of humidity gives a pleasant dry and soft comfort. All Cocoon toppings are finished on Airflow fabrics for extra breathability. Furthermore, Cocoon gives the chance to choose the firmness of each bedside depending of your weight and personal taste. Customize your nest with three different options (soft, medium or hard), you may also use your weight as a guide or simply try each one of them for a few minutes. In Ecus we also think about design, Cocoon is available in 7 colors to match with your room, the design is also very functional that is why Cocoon has been built with fixed zips to join the topping and nest as a whole unit. Easy to clean as you can unfold each part to be wash independently.
Cocoon. Pocketed spring core + micro pocketed spring layer. Fresh and breathable. Customize your side of the bed.