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Yento Oxigena mattress

The Yento Oxigena mattress is built on a high density HR foam, 30 mm Viscosoft® memory foam on each side and cool touch finish for a fresh sensation. 

Product Description

The Yento Oxigena mattress has a HR foam core 180 mm thick. Its composition provides a highly adaptable support and reduces pressure points, providing a comfortable and sound sleep. Moreover, Yento Oxigena preserves the shape and last longer due to the high density of the HR foam used on the core. This is a mattress highly recommendable for those users specially sensitives with warm temperatures, the gel particles keeps a fresh temperature, improving sleep ambience and conditions.

The woven handles makes it easier to manipulate and turn when convenient. The Cool Touch finish on the fabrics and silver yarns will keep the ideal hygienic conditions for longer and a pleasant sensation.

Núcleo espuma Oxígena (HR), dos capas de viscosoft con partículas de gel incorporado y tejidos Cool Touch
Rango de Precio:

Ancho x largo:
80-90-105-135-140-150-160 | En largos de 180-190-200 cm |
26 cm


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