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Linus has the firmness of the traditional Bonnell core and the soft touch of natural linen combined with the adaptability of its Visco soya layer.

Product Description

Linus is the latest model of the Green Ecus range. Is a firm mattress due to its Bonnell traditional spring core. A breathable, fresh and reliable mattress. The natural linen fabrics gives a very special touch, and the 30 mm Viscosoft® with essential soya oils quilting provides a natural comfort and softness on both sides of the mattress. 

Furthermore, the Vortex technology core gives a firm support when needed. The constant air cirulation of the Active Air Exchange chamber keeps the mattress in the best conditions for longer than others. Linus is 29 cm thick, the height of pure and fresh comfort. 

60 mm Viscosoft Soya with essential soya oils, linus fibers and Bonnell core
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:
80 x 180 cm / 80 x 190 cm / 80 x 200 cm / 90 x 180 cm / 90 x 190 cm / 90 x 200 cm / 105 x 180 cm / 105 x 190 cm / 105 x 200 cm / 120 x 180 cm / 120 x 190 cm / 120 x 200 cm / 135 x 180 cm / 135 x 190 c |
29 cm


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