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Experto Plus slatted bed base

The Experto Plus slatted is made with a steel frame high-strength epoxy paint finish. You can adjust the firmness of the lumbar support, always adaptbale to your needs. Breathable, reliable and flexible support at an unbeatable price.

Product Description

The Experto Plus is a wooden slatted bed base that provides flexibility to your mattress. The slates are wider on the edges in order to offer the best support for the mattress. The lumbar has also been reinforced with double slatted system and firmness is adjustable to the taste of each user.

Steel frame 40 x 30 mm thick for higher resistance, the most reliable support. The Experto Plus slatted base is finished with anti-corrosion epoxy paint dried in the oven. Flexible rubber pads to increase adaptation, from the measure 105 cm the structure incorporates a double central bar for strength and comfort. The structure of the Experto Plus slatted base is ready to incorporate a reinforcing central leg. You can choose from 6 leg types with different textures and heights

Wooden anti-humidity bed slats, Stainless steel Frame Epoxy painted
Rango de Precio:
2 years

Ancho x largo:
105 x 180cm / 105 x 190cm / 105 x 200 cm | 135 x 180cm / 135 x 190cm / 135 x 200cm | 150 x 180cm / 150 x 190cm / 150 x 200cm | 75 x 180cm / 75 x 190cm / 75 x 200cm | 80 x 180cm / 80 x 190cm / 80 x 200cm | 90 x 180cm / 90 x 190cm / 90 x 200cm |


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