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Dubi Nature: The best option to make an easy transition from cot to toddler bed

Product Description

The best mattress for the transition from cot to toddler bed:

-stage 1: crib mattress.

-stage 2: Toddler mattress.

Cot bed:

Pefilated HR foam which provides softness and comfort for the baby. Its design reminds the cot mattress support and facilitates the transition to bed. It is specially designed with higher density on the sides to keep the baby right on the middle while sleeping. All the versatility of a Multiage mattress


A series of cross sections divided into different areas that are perfectly suited to the child’s body, and using 100% of the length of the mattress and eliminating pressure points on the body.

Side safety barriers:

Always in the right possition while sleeping.

Extra Softness:

Make your child sleep with an immediate comfort feeling by eliminating pressure points thanks to the Visco Active padding .

Bed-time story zone:

One of the best features for the parents. Area specially designed on Dubi Nature to be a reading seat or simple accompaniment until they fall sleep.

Unlimited freshness:

Always supported by a firm and breathable surface. 3D fabric on the bottom side that enables maximumn evaporation and breathability.

Removable for easy cleaning:

Zipper along the entire perimeter of the mattress, to open and separate the sides of the mattress for a deep cleaning when necessary.

HR foam Oxigena®, 3D mesh
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:
80 x 182 cm / 90 x 182 cm / 105 x 182 cm | 80 x 190 cm / 90 x 190 cm / 105 x 190 cm | 80 x 200 cm / 90 x 200 cm / 105 x 200 cm |

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