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Dual Core

Dual Core mattress with double core combine the best support and the highest adaptability. The reliable pocketed Multispring® with lumbar reinforcement and the highest quality slow recovery memory foam. The hybrid mattress represents the next sleep generation. 

Product Description

Dual Core provides the best features of two technologies.  The best support thanks to pocketed Multispring® combined with the extraordinary adaptability of slow recovery memory foam. 50 mm Slow Recovery memory foam with the highest density. Next generation memory foams which provides an incomparable weightlessness feeling and reliefs all pressure points, so you can sleep above the clouds. This new mattress trend are also known as hybrid, due to this mixed inner core thecnologies as pocketed springs and memory foam.  Morever, the Multispring® case has lumbar reinforcement for better support right where is needed. The lumbar reinforcement is achieved switching the springs alingment building a honeycomb structure. Dual core is also  Turn Free so you won’t need to rotate, all comfort is concentrated in one side, that makes Dual Core ideal for large sizes. You can sleep in a very soft and adaptable mattress without give up the right support. In order to round up this magnificent mattress we also have built HR foam perimeter frame 80 mm thick to provide stability and keep all parts together nicely and guarantee its long life and duarability on the best conditions. The fabrics have also been taken care of, with acaria free treatment and 3d mesh at the bottom to keep the air flowing within regardless the bed base used. Total height 29 cm.

Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:

29 cm

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