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Pocketed spring mattress Multispring® core with lumbar reinforcement and satin fabric (elastane + Viscose). Quilted finishe and ‘capitone’ padding offering a touch of distinction. Suitable for the most sensitive to temperature changes sleepers. Winter side equipped with merino wool and summer side with cotton and Viscogel®. Border with handles that facilitate turning and handling. 

Product Description

 Cotton mattress has been renovated keeping its Green essence, switching to a much more elegant finish. On the outside, its elegance is percieved thanks to its satin fabric with a soft touch of composition 70% Viscose and 30% elastane. Also it is known for its ‘capitone’ quilted padding with offering a distinguished touch. Inside, the model Cotton is a fresh mattress built on two sides, a side for the summer, built with a layer of Viscogel® of 30 mm and a soft padding 100% cotton, it will keep your mattress cool in warmer seasons. Moreover, to maintain an ideal temperature for the colder months, Cotton offers also a side with Viscosoft® 30 mm combined with a padded natural merino wool, providing the most pleasant sleep regardless of the conditions outside, always comfortable. Its perimeter frame is thicker and durable to ensure stability during sleep and avoiding mattress sag.

In addition, Cotton is built with pocketed Multispring® core technology, which means that its core is avoids motions transfers (more than 600 independent springs as far 150 x 200 cm) that allow perfect adaptability to both spine alignment and freshness, real freedom of movements for each sleeper. The Cotton mattress core is also designed with a reinforced lumbar area, which results in that area the spine is perfectly aligned. Cotton has a height of 30 cm. Definitely a fresh mattress to those who need it in summer and are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature when winter comes.


Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:
80 x 180 cm / 80 x 190 cm / 80 x 200 cm / 90 x 180 cm / 90 x 190 cm / 90 x 200 cm / 105 x 180 cm / 105 x 190 cm / 105 x 200 cm / 120 x 180 cm / 120 x 190 cm / 120 x 200 cm / 135 x 180 cm / 135 x 190 c |
30 cm


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