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Wind mattress offers the best versatility to users, allowing to choose between Vortex springs or HR foam core. In both options, it combined with a soft padding and a layer of memory foam and gel particles to sleep always fresh. Turn free and built with 3D mesh at the bottom part in contact with the base to keep the mattress in best condition for longer.

Product Description

Wind mattress is available in two types of core: Vortex spring 125 springs per sqm inside, ideal for those users who love traditional comfort and breathability. Also available in HR Oxigena foam core, which provides greater adaptability and softness.

In the case of the mattress core Wind Vortex, composition provides extra firmness, being much more breathable by allowing air circulation inside. The internal air chamber Active Air Exchange makes it 28% cooler than other core structure. The mattress Wind Vortex is also composed of 30 mm Viscosoft Gel memory foam to provide the weightlessness feeling of this type of material, avoiding pressure points on the body. Furthermore, we have incorporated gel particles in the upper layer for extra freshness.

Moreover, in its HR Oxigena foam version version Wind mattress offers a change inside with a HR foam core + visco 170 mm high and D-28 kg / m³. The Wind Oxigena mattress is silent and gentle in when sleeping, minimizing bounce when changing posture. Regardless of the core, the mattress Wind always offers the same simple and elegant, thanks to its velvety aspect border. Available in 23 cm or 16 cm height mat version, ideal for guests auxiliary beds or trundle beds. For convenience, the mattress Wind has been designed concentrating all the comfort to one side, turn free. In the part in contact with the base, it incorporates a highly breathable 3D fabric that allows free air circulation for better conservation.

Núcleo espuma Oxígena (HR) o Muelle Vortex, Capa de viscosoft con partículas de gel incorporado y tejidos de algodón y poliéster
Rango de Precio:

Media – Alta
Ancho x largo:
80-90-105-135-140-150-160 | En largos de 180-190-200 cm |
23 cm


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