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Sato Plus storage bed

Sato plus is one of the toughest models. Strengthened both its top and the chest it supports up to 100 kg / sqm. Straight angles and sober design, Sato Plus is the most practical solution, is the storage bed with highest capacity. 

Product Description

Sato Plus has a simple and elegant design thanks to its straight corners and square feet. Like Au Lit storage beds, Sato plus very resistant,  supporting up to 100 kg / sqm due to its 5 cross bars reinforcement. The bottom chest is composed of wenge board that brings a touch of distinction. Straight corners are also designed to resist, so that incorporate an inner plastic rainforcement that keeps always Sato Plus on perfect shape. The chest is 25 cm deep, a useful and practical storage space. Its total height is 41 cm. Available with optional easy-to-move and fastening system combinable with any of Au lit headboards.

Sato Plus lid is 7 cm thick and is also a key part in its design. The lid is supported by the chest and its semi-automatic opening system, it can be open effortlessly due to its wooden handles, perfectly integrated into its design. Sato plus storage bed is also highly breathable thanks to its 3D mesh fabric. Like the chest, the lid also has been reinforced with five crossbars 40 x 30 mm, providing strength and stability. The Sato Plus storage bed can be manufactured with optional horizontal opening system if preferred. 

Capacity depending on different measures:

150 x 200 cm – 699 L
160 x 200 cm – 747 L
180 x 200 cm – 844 L

Note: In higher measures 150 cm wide chest will be split. From 180 cm set of twin chests.


Stainless steel structure reinforced with 40 x 30 mm bars. Fiberthon flexible lid. Fiber and polyskin fabrics.
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Medium hard
Ancho x largo:



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