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El canapé de esquina recta Nixia es uno de los canapés con mayores posibilidades de integración de sistemas de apertura. Disponible en sistema de apertura horizontal y lateral, se presenta como una solución práctica y cómoda. Además, se encuentra también disponible en versión Plus en la que su capacidad de almacenamiento aumenta, variando ligeramente su altura. Un canapé abatible de esquina recta, reforzado tanto en su cofre como en la tapa, soportando un peso de hasta 100 Kg/m3. Un soporte seguro para tu colchón y la mejor opción para decorar tu habitación.

Product Description

The storage bed  Nixia has a compact design with straight corners. Like the rest of storage beds on Au lit series is very resistant, supporting up to 100 kg / sqm because it has reinforced with 5 cross bars. The Nixia storage bed chest is composed of a board in wenge that brings a touch of distinction. Straight corners are also designed to resist, so that incorporate a reinforcing inner plastic on the corners. The chest is 20 cm deep, a useful and practical storage space, however if you need extra space, Nixia storage bed is also available in Plus version 25 cm deep. Its total height is 35 cm and 41 cm in the Plus version. Available with optional easy-to-move and fastenig system for any Au lit headboard.

Nixia storage bed lid is 5 cm. thick and is also a key part in its design. The lid is suppoerted by the chest and its semi-automatic opening system, users can open it effortlessly thanks to integrated handles. In addition, the Nixia storage bed offers different possibilities to integrate its lid and opening system. The horizontal opening system allows you to bed without gaining altitude crouch, depending on the size and layout of the room it can also be interesting to incorporate a side opening for Nixia storage bed. Moreover, you can choose a firmer support with its Fiberthon lid, or more flexible and adaptable with bed slats. Same as the chest bottom, the lid also has been reinforced with five crossbars 30 x 30 mm, providing strength and stability. It combines the colors and fabrics of sample Au lit to adapt your storage base corner straight Nixia to decorate your room.

Capacity depending on different measures:

storage base corner straight Nixia

150 x 200 cm – 559 L
160 x 200 cm – 598 L
180 x 200 cm – 675 L

storage base corner straight Nixia Plus

150 x 200 cm – 699 L
160 x 200 cm – 747 L
180 x 200 cm – 844 L

Note: In higher measures 150 cm wide chest will be split in two parts. From 180 cm set of twins chests.


Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. Fiberthon flexible lid. Fiber and polyskin fabrics.
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Medium hard
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