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Beddo is the best value wooden storage bed within  Au Lit catalogue. It is delivered on a easy to assemble kit, enjoy a functional and light storage bed, being tough and elegant at once. Strengthened both his chest and lid with five transverse bars, the Beddo storage bed resists up to 100 kg / m². also available in classic or side opening for comfort. Beddo fits your room and any of the heads available in the range Au Lit. Bringing the natural touch of wood in three different shades.

Product Description

Beddo storage bed is the best value option of the range, keeping quality standards and offering a choice of different finishes. In addition, this economic storage bed has beechwood reinforced corners, with a curved effect fot the best safety and reliablility. Like the rest of Storage beds on Au lit series, Beddo storage base is very durable, supporting up to 100 Kg / sqm. The bottom of the box consists of a white board 14 mm thick, taking care of their appearance and functionality both inside and out. Beddo storage bed has a depth of 24 cm, thanks to its resistance can maximize their capacity. Beddo storage bed gives to your bed the prominence it deserves in the room with design and functionality. Its total height is 31 cm. Fastening system available for any of the headboards within the Au lit collection. The Beddo storage bed is distributed in a kit easy to assemble, with the possibility of including east to move system.


The Beddo storage bed lid is 5 cm thick and is also key in its design. The lid rests on the chest and its opening is semi-automatic and built-on integrated retractable handles. As for the finishes, the lid has been texturized steel color. Upholstered sewn four borders. Moreover, economic Beddo storage bed supports different possibilities to integrate the opening system. Choose from the classic system or side opening system to open from one side and have better access to your stuff. Building your cover Fiberthon provide support firmly and safely and also has been reinforced with five crossbars 30 x 30 mm, providing an extra point of stability.


Capacity depending on different measures:


economic storage base Beddo


150 x 200 cm – 559 L

160 x 200 cm – 598 L

180 x 200 cm – 675 L



Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. Fiberthon flexible and resistant lid. Beechwood feet and oakwood texture finish. Three different colours available
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Medium hard
Ancho x largo:



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