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The storage bed Square is characterized by its thin and light cover. This lets you set a low, elegant bed, despite being a light trundle has been equipped with highly resistant materials and reinforced. Its lid consists of a wooden board MDF 10 mm and the chest has the reinforcement of 5 crossbars and steel tube 30 x 30 mm. For user convenience also available with optional easy-to-move system and preparation to fasten with any Au Lit headboard.

Product Description

Square storage bed has a compact and elegant design. Square is the lightest of Au Lit storage beds, but is still very resistant and flexible. The bottom of the Square storage base chest is constructed with a compact wenge board that brings a touch of distinction. The design of its straight corners are also designed to resist, due to inner plastic reinforcement corners. Moreover, the storage bed Square chest is 20 cm deep, a useful and practical space, but if you need extra space, also available in the Square Plus version with a deeper chest of 25 cm. Its total height is 25 cm and 31 cm in the Plus version, lightweight but high storage capacity bed. In the construction of Square storage bed we have had also taken into the details, so the bottom is equipped with an anti-dust fabric that keeps out dust and maintains the product in perfect condition for longer. Also available with optional easy-to-move system and fastening system to any of the Au Lit headboards.

Square storage bed lid is 1.5 cm thick and is very flexible due to its MDF wood 10 mm.. The lid rests on the chest and its semiautomatic opening, allows the user to open it effortlessly due to its embedded handles. The versatility offered by Square storage bed is very interesting, providing consistency despite being a lightweight storage bed. It combines the colors and fabrics of sample Au lit to adapt your storage bed Square to decorate your room.


Capacity depending on different measures:


Square storage base


150 x 200 cm – 559 L

160 x 200 cm – 598 L

180 x 200 cm – 675 L


Square storage base


150 x 200 cm – 699 L

160 x 200 cm – 747 L

180 x 200 cm – 844 L


Note: From 150 cm wide and upwards, split chest. From 180 cm set of twins chests.


Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. MDF resistant lid. Fibers and polyskin finish. Wenge board panel
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Medium soft
Ancho x largo:



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