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Storage bed with shoe drawer

The Coral storage bed is one of the most functional and attractive by Au Lit. Perfectly equipped with two shoe drawers,  resistant and very easy to assemble. You can also choose among different lids to find the perfect comfort for you.  Available in bed slats or upholstered Fiberthon. Customize your room starting from the most important piece, your bed.

Product Description

The storage bed with drawers Coral offers one of the most practical storage solutions without compromising design. Uses the space as a shoe drawer or storage rack to fit your needs. Like the rest of Au Lit storage bed bases, the storage base with drawers Coral is very strong, supporting up to 100 Kg / sqm. The bottom chest composed of a white lacquered 14 mm thick board, durable and elegant. As for its storage capacity, Coral storage bed has a depth of 28.5 cm, a space that always becomes handy to storage your bed linen, and also providing the added value of its shoe drawers. Its total height is 36 cm. Bonding system available for any of the heads collection Au lit. The storage base with drawers Coral is distributed in a kit easy to assemble.

Coral storage base lid is 5 cm thick and is also a key part in its design. The lid is supported by the chest and its semi-automatic opening system. In addition, the Coral storage bed offers different possibilities to integrate its lid and opening system. The horizontal opening system allows you to bed without gaining altitude crouch, depending on the size and layout of the room can also be interesting to incorporate a cover side opening. You can also choose the comfort of the storage base with drawers Coral by its cover. Choose among Fiberthon lid, more rigid and firm, or the Lattes option with wooden slats for more flexibility, the lid has also been reinforced with five crossbars 30 x 30 mm, providing strength and stability . It combines the colors and fabrics of sample Au lit to adapt your storage base with drawers Coral to decorate your room.

Capacity depending on different measures:

storage base with drawers Coral

150 x 200 cm – 685 L
160 x 200 cm – 733 L
180 x 200 cm – 828 L


Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. Fiberthon flexible lid or Lattes lid with beechwood slats. Fiber and polyskin fabrics. 14 mm white board lacquered
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Fiberthon Medium / high
Ancho x largo:



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