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Cleveland storage bed

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Cleveland is the most special storage bed on Au Lit catalogue. The arched shape of its corners stands out compared with any other storage bed with box shape. Combinable with any of the Au Lit textures and fabrics. Make the most of your room with functionality and style. 


Product Description

Cleveland storage bed is the perfect solution to set your room in style. A storage bed with appealing and functional design. Cleveland bottom chest supports up to 100 Kg / sqm due to its five cross bars reinforcement. The interior wenge board gives a classy touch  and elegance, same as the arched corners of its chest. which is 25 cm deep. Cleveland could be combined any Au Lit headboard and fabrics. Bottom built with anti-dust mesh to keep allergies away. 

Cleveland lid is also reinforced with 5 cross bars 30 mm thick. The lid is embedded in the chest and sewn to four borders, always keeping a compact look. Semi-automatic opening system and woven handles. 

Capacity depending on different measures:

150 x 200 cm – 559 L
160 x 200 cm – 598 L
180 x 200 cm – 675 L

Note: From 150 cm width onwards chest will be split


Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. Fiberthon flexible lid. Fibers and polyskin finish. Height 35 cm
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:


1 review for Cleveland storage bed

  1. Elisa Penagini
    5 out of 5


    i would love to receive some type of texture for the CLEVELAND STORAGE BED, approximately the price and the delivery time to Milan Italy.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards
    Elisa Penagini

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