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Upholstered base Raddo

The upholstered base Raddo provides a very soft and gentle support due to its HR foam layer D-28 Kg/m. Reinforced with 5 transverse bars it takes with no problem more than 100 Kg/ m² the most reliable and light support for your mattress. The anti dusk fabric at the bottom will keep the dust away keeping the breathability at the time. Choose among more than 20 different fabrics and colours available. Wooden or metallic feet with diffrent heights too. Customize your bed for less. 

Product Description

The upholstered base Raddo is the most adaptable and innovative solution to support your mattress and keep the cost down. Create your own bed on a very easy and economical way and save space for your room at the same time. This upholstered base has been desinged with straight corners reincofreced with plastic borders and upholstered for a softer touch. At the bottom, the upholstered base raddo has an anti-dust panel to keep the best hygienical conditions while sleeping and avoid allegries symptoms. Furthermore, the upholstered base Raddo is a light and reliable support as it has been reinforced with 5 transverse steel bars 30 x 30 mm.  It also might be the softest upholstered base in the market due to its HR Foam layer D-28 super soft. No matter if your mattress is a bit firm, it will give an extra comfort and softness. The upholstered base Raddo brings also the possibility to choose the texture and color of the fabric, so it can match with the rest of your room. Depending on your personal taste you can also play with the height and material of all feet available on Au Lit catalogue. Raddo is 9 cm. thick and in case you need it for mattresses 180 cm or wider you can join twin bed bases.

Stainless steel structure reinforced with 30 x 30 mm bars. 4 borders sewing. HR foam D-28 layer
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2 years
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