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Pocketed spring Multispring® core with micro pocketed spring layer. 40 mm Viscocsoft® and 40 mm Viscogel® layers. Feran Ice® fabric with hydrophilic functions. Balance provides a clean, dry and fresh sleep surface. 

Product Description

The Balance Multispring® mattress is part of the new Ecus Air rang. With soft firmness and a very appealing design, The Balance Multispring mattress is also highly breathable to improve sleep environment, providing a fresh and clean comfort. The Feran Ice® technology with hydrophilic functions produces the fastest moisture managment fabrics available on the market. Built with 40 mm Viscosoft® Memory Foam layer for extra adaptability and 40 mm Viscogel® to achieve a cool temperature for those users specially sensitives to heatThe Balance Multispring® mattress has also 3D fabrics on the bottom, that extra breathability will keep the mattress clean and in the best conditions for longer regardless the type of base used. It is also a Turn Free mattress, concentrating all the features in one side, perfect for large sizes. Moreover, the pocketed springs Multispring® core has a micro pocketed springs layer on top and extra lumbar reinforcement to provide the rigth support where you need it. The Balance Multispring® mattress is 29 cm thick.
40 mm viscosoft + 40 mm viscogel quilting, Feran Ice® fabric, Multispring® and micro pocketed spring core
Rango de Precio:
2 years
Ancho x largo:
80 x 180 cm / 80 x 190 cm / 80 x 200 cm / 90 x 180 cm / 90 x 190 cm / 90 x 200 cm / 105 x 180 cm / 105 x 190 cm / 105 x 200 cm / 120 x 180 cm / 120 x 190 cm / 120 x 200 cm / 135 x 180 cm / 135 x 190 c |
29 cm


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