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Your ideal bed is almost ready. Now is the time to choose the feet to set the right height. You can also choose among different colors and materials. Set up your bed head to toe with Au Lit.

Product Description

Au Lit allows the user to set up your ideal bed in order to be part of room decoration. Therefore we propose different types of feet with a wide variety of heights, textures and colors for your bed.

Start to make your bed from the feet, you will find from square shapes to cylindrical wooden legs with different shades. Sure you will find the one  that matches your sofa, courtains or upholstered base. Another solution by Au Lit catalog to make your bed very personal.

Espuma 25-D y relleno de fibra de poliéster
Rango de Precio:
2 years

Ancho x largo:
colchón 105 cm 110 x 120 x 8 cm | colchón 135 cm 110 x 150 x 8cm | colchón 150 cm 110 x 165 x 8 | colchón 160 cm 110 x 175 x 8 cm |

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