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The mattress Aqua Oxigena® has a HR Oxigena® core. Fillings and fabrics Oeko – Tex certified to sleep safely and free of harmful substances. 15 mm Viscosoft padding for an adaptable and pressure relief sensation.


Product Description


The Aqua Oxigena® mattress has a HR Oxígena memory foam mattress core with open cell to improving the breathability compared to other foams. Is also manufactured under Oeko- Tex standars, this certifies the filling pieces and fabrics have no harmful substances at all, so you can sleep calm and comfortable. The core Aqua Oxigena® construction improves adaptability and reduce the necessity of change posture during the night. Extra softness thanks to the comfort Viscosoft® layers to provide the weighlessness and pressure relief feeling related to memory foam.  The 3-Tech fabrics are also highly breathable preventing humidity and stains, anti-bacterial treatment. A pleasent feeling on the surface and a great support inside. 

aqua oxigena partes


Núcleo Viscosoft + Oxígena. 15 mm de viscosoft en cada cara. Tejidos Stretch, 3-Tech transpirables y antibacterianos
Rango de Precio:

Medium hard
Ancho x largo:
80-90-105-135-140-150-160 cm | En largos de 180-190-200 cm |
23 cm

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