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There’s a well extended, very far from the truth, theory that sprung mattresses are an old trend that has been substituted by HR foams and visco elastic. Pocket sprung mattresses, that is, with a pocket sprung structure are combined with other materials that can be adapted to any customer’s needs.

What are sprung mattresses or pocket sprung mattresses?

Pocket sprung mattresses, also known as pocket mattresses, are essentially made of a pocket sprung nucleus that gives name to the design it’s a type of tempered iron sprung covered by a fabric fiber which helps with transpiration. It differs from other systems because these springs work individually. Multtispring pocket sprung technology allows each sprung to work individually when applying pressure on them; this is because every pocket mattress is made individually and joint to the others with a powerful and harmless adhesive. Previous stretched thread sprung structures were made to support body weight, but they didn’t help to reduce pressure points which pocket sprung mattresses do. Another difference between these two structures it’s their design. Pocket springs have a barrel design, while other springs have ends larger than their center, known as “biconic design”.

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Sprung pocket’s advantages


Comparing nucleus from other materials, Multispring pocket sprung structures help a lot more with transpiration. Air ventilation is a key point when looking to preserve the mattress and its properties, especially if the client lives in a humid area because it’ll keep dry the mattress and it’ll help to prevent odors and it’ll assure longevity.

Independent beds

Multispring pocket sprung independence on this framework would be ideal for double or special size beds. Movement on one side of the bed won’t affect the other, which provides more freedom of movement without waking up our partner.

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Perfect lining up of the back

One of Multispring pocket sprung mattresses’ main characteristics is that, regardless of how we’re used to sleep, this structure helps lining up perfectly our lower back. Also, pressure reduction helps reducing movement during our sleep, providing a quality sleep for our client.

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The perfect test drive

It’s important to lie down for a couple of minutes to feel the benefits of the pocket sprung mattress while we’re in the shop. Putting pressure with our hand or sitting on the end of the mattress won’t help us to recognize this structure’s great advantages, which consists on distributing body weight effectively without feeling trapped.

Special reinforcements

On the wide range of Multispring pocket mattresses, we find mattresses with different comfort areas, reinforced to get a better support on our problem areas.

Lower back reinforcement

The lower back area is the one who puts more pressure to the mattress. Usually, when we change positions or get out of the bed, we put the pressure on our lower back and it sometimes needs an extra help. We get this reinforcement by changing the pocket sprung structure. Usually, springs are intertwined, so we obtain this lower back reinforcement by changing this structure to another one known as “honeycomb”, due to its similarity with sprung position.

Up to seven comfort areas

There’re also Multispring pocket sprung mattresses with up to seven different comfort areas reinforcing key points of the body: Head, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet. The transversal mattress framework fabrication is what provides this lining up.

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Sprung density

We should keep in mind sprung density but it’s nothing to obsess about. We tend to consider that regarding pocket sprung mattresses the denser springs are, the better; however, if we raise considerably sprung concentration this will reduce spring’s diameter, which will make the mattress firmer. The denser springs will be, there will be more iron so the heavier our mattress will be. So, in order to choose, we advise you to first feel different designs.

Advised support

Before anything we should stress that the base where the mattress lies is also very important, regardless of what it’s made of. In the case of a Multispring pocket sprung mattress we always advise to choose a quality base. It’s also important that if you’re looking for a slat base, you should choose a high-quality multi-slat one. Pocket sprung mattresses can suffer if they’re on top of a thick slat base or a low-quality one.

Check out our pocket sprung mattresses designs clicking here: pocket mattresses.

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