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I’ve used it for the first time today. I do not know if its related , but my baby has slept all night long … This is the first time it does in six months.

I had a Bambino mattress and since I was very happy with it, now I had to buy a new mattress and I didn’t hesitate for an instant and bought another Bambino mattress. I believe they are perfect for my children. I recommend them a 100%.

We bought the mattress for our ECUS bed and we don’t buy any other brand. First the one for the ECUS crib, now the ones for the girls’ beds, excellent quality/price ratio.

I have bought 2 FACES mattresses and they are truly fantastic. Nothing to do with the ones I had before. I will probably change them and acquire another 2 in this model. Makes you wish you were a child and jump into bed!!!