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Rest of kids is fundamental for a good physical and psychological development. As in case of adults a bad rest at night produces a lack of yield during the day and we should not forget that our children’s agendas are often overloaded between school, extracurricular lessons, activities…

A mattress for kids is a mattress adapted specifically to their needs. The mattresses with differentiated steadiness areas must match with the areas in which the steadiness is necessary according to the child’s age. For this reason we design the multiphase mattresses that adapt according to the person’s age to said needs. Imagine a child that leaves the crib with two years, ¿will he have the same weight and size as when he turns 13? Of course not, and therefore he needs a mattress completely adapted to his age, that distributes the weight accordingly and provides a safe and healthy rest.

Equally important are the pillows in order to achieve a correct position. The pillows for kids must be slightly lower than those for adults due to the different proportions of their head and torso. Also the use of protective sheets, that are at the same time breathable and waterproof help to get a fresh and dry rest, without sweating or noise through the night.