The company has marked a clear objective of enhancing the markets to their maximum growth. With this goal, Ecus has opened 40 single brand stores in all the Chinese territory and established a production factory in Brasil. Also, its products are exported to countries in the European Union, the Magreb, and the Caribbean.
At Sao Paulo, Brasil, Ecus has a productive plant since 2010 from which it supplies its products to Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina. In China, through a store network with the brand Ecus (75), and in the main cities, we sell products that, fabricated in Spain, are exported to China. In France, Belgium, Morocco and India we have distribution agreements of our products with other companies that are settled over there. In Qatar, Dubai, South Africa, etc, we keep commercial delegations and permanent representation offices.
We accompany Spanish hospitality companies in their own expansion processes through Europe and South Africa, having completed facilities in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, etc.
Ecus Worldwide