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The Green collection by Ecus is the first series that appears in the Spanish market designed, from beginning to end, considering the values of safety and environmental responsibility. Posed as an austere alternative to the boundless consumption, for which we have compiled all the materials that allowed for a sustainable production, the most green and natural possible, price balanced at once. For another part, a real Green tendency is not an exclusive and luxurious tendency. At Ecus we understand that the Green products must be within the reach of most users. Asides, we should produce a piece equally comfortable, even or more than other non Green pieces, and that produces a deep and restful sleep. At last, it should be a product esthetically beautiful and that reflects what its hidden beneath: the respect for the environment, the Green tendency. In the Green series by Ecus we offer the Cotton, Cyclus, and Origo models, each one with a level of comfort, steadiness, and different behaviors, and all of them truly green. You will enjoy them naturally.