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Nowadays we are better informed of the importance of rest and that is why we have countless tips to achieve a pleasant sleep effectively and faster. We are also aware of the effect of sleeping disorders on our physical and mental health. Expressions such as REM, sleep hygiene, insomnia are becoming more and more familiar. But, do we know how the change of our mattress can affect us? It is an important and personal decision, especially if we take into account that we spend a third part of our lives sleeping and in addition, a good-quality mattress can last even 10 years. We will analyse in what ways the change of our mattress affect us, how to choose the perfect one and know how to know when our mattress is saying that it is time to buy a new mattress, a good-quality mattress.

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Good-quality mattresses can reduce stress

It may sound strange, but choosing a good-quality mattress will not make all of our problems disappear, but it is true that the quality of our sleep will improve since anxiety will be gradually reduced. This is more than simply assumptions, and in 2009 the National Health Institute in USA carried out a research. With 29 men and 30 women, all of them healthy, they compared the results of the ones who slept on their beds with the ones who slept on a good-quality mattress for 28 nights. After that, this group was interviewed to know about their stress levels, worries, migraine, apathy… The research showed that those who had slept on good-quality mattresses had reduced typical troubles that a poor-quality sleep carries, and their stress and lack of energy symptoms had reduced.

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How often should we change the mattress?

According to manufacturers’ associations, every ten years the mattress should be changed. The fact that this is said by national and international manufacturers’ associations creates some suspicion on buyers. Nothing further from the truth, even experts recommend periodically check the mattress when it gives signals of wearing before those ten years. Depending on its use and the quality of the mattress, its condition may vary when the ten-year period comes to its end. Since the mattress is essential to rest well, we cannot overlook its state just like a long-distance runner does not wait to have its trainers completely wear to change them. We need to change the mattress as soon as the right base is not provided, and after those then years, it is undoubtable that the materials will be worn and the rest quality will not be the same as the one provided during the first days.

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