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We can find more and more improvements in the world of rest in order to be able to cover our client’s needs when it comes to improve their sleep. We’ve analyzed before the different kinds of mattresses. Today it’s time to get to know better gel mattresses.

What are gel mattresses?

Gel mattresses are basically a variety inside visco elastic mattresses that was created to solve the biggest client complaint about visco elastic mattresses, heat. It’s true that visco elastic fabric is the one that best adapts to our body, but this quality creates in some cases a cluttered sensation or suffocation due to the rise of heat during our sleep. The rise of temperature makes us move a lot to avoid head sensation, which causes micro-awakens that aren’t advised at all if we’re trying to get a good night sleep. The use of gel on visco elastic mattresses can be applied on different way depending on our needs.

Gel mattresses, ideal for heat-sensitive clients

Gel mattresses are the best choice for those who prefer visco elastic adaptability and that are sensitive to high temperatures. Due to its properties, it’s also advised for those who live in heated and humid areas. Gel application on sleeping surfaces can lower temperatures from 3 to 4ᵒ. This way if you’re looking for the adaptability characteristic of visco elastic mattresses but you’re heat-sensitive, the best choice would be gel mattresses.

Gel application

Layered: One of the options available in the market is gel mattresses that add a layer of gel to the mattress or a visco elastic topping. These layers aren’t too thick due to gel’s density and weight, which can difficult transportation and handling.


By particles: In this case gel particles are applied inside the visco elastic structure.

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These two options are very popular and are completely valid. However, there’re some points to have on mind that affect temperature lowering during our sleep that you can combine efficiently with gel mattresses.

Innovative fabrics: Feran ice

Always looking to improve sleep fighting heat from some adaptable fabrics, some designs such as Balance or Fluence add a high technological and innovative fabric that processes heat known as Feran Ice. It’s a technology that gets rid of heat very quick and effectively, helping evaporation in order to get a cool and dry surface where we could sleep. Also, both designs combine two comfort visco elastic layers with gel particles that provide cool temperature and dryness without sacrificing adaptability.


Depending on the store you’ll find different prizes for gel mattresses. Anyway, we could say that a standard mattress of 150 x 190 cm, the usual couple’s mattress could go from 700 to 1000€. The individual standard version of 90 x 190 cm could go from 500 to 700€.

Try again and again

The most reasonable option choosing a mattress, especially if we’re new to sleeping technology, is trying the mattress. When in your trusted mattress shop, dress light and comfortable and try shamelessly the mattress for a few minutes; this will assure a successful purchase that will fulfill all your needs. You’ll be able to try and appreciate live the advantages of a gel mattress.

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