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Nowadays, we live in a society in constant evolution; however, despite of the effort and international cooperation we put on, the mark we leave on the planet is getting bigger. The urge to satisfy our needs in the present mustn’t get in the way of next generations future.

The rise of environmental protection and sustainable development has become stronger in the past decades as principals for people very aware of the situation. There are different production sectors adapting their practice to this trend where they see an opportunity, apart from having the conviction that it’s the right path for commercial activity.

On the other hand, there are more users that incorporate healthy habits for a more balanced lifestyle. Also, on a collective social level, some responsible guidelines are established to try and reduce the impact of our actions.

On a personal level it’s also important to incorporate reflection, that is, to substitute the unshakable custom on consumer society such as compulsive buying. Before making the decision of buying something, think about it twice and consider it from the environmental point of view. Questioning things such as the origin of the materials we consume it’s a sign of responsibility and social conscience. Here are some principals to have in mind for taking care of the environment.

The 3 Rs rule.

  • Reduce: Powers the concept of energetic efficiency and product optimization. That is, changing our customs into buying energy efficient appliances. In this case the trend to reduce unnecessary packaging and the use of harmful products on the process of making some products is growing, like the reduction of plastic bags’ use by consumers.
  • Reuse: Against the concept of planned obsolescence it’s been established the idea of repurposing objects. In addition to reusing, it’s been proposed the idea of repurposing old products and to restore them as much as possible.
  • Recycle:  To separate residue into 5 different containers: Paper, plastic, glass, organic residue and other. It’s with recycling that it is possible to create new useful products instead of turning them into waste.

Ecus’s Green Collection combines sustainability and design, offering you the possibility of contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • Cotton design: Cotton design incorporates natural cotton into its fabric, eliminates the use of pesticide materials and prevents form allergies using natural fiber. Because the best rest is also green.
  • Cyclus design: Reborn fabric is the best example for the incorporation of recycling materials adapted for resting. This fabric is produced by recycling PET bottles thanks to a texturing process developed in recycling plants. Rest and recycling can be together.
  • Origo design: A classic and bare design who tries to take you the origins of rest. Origo is made of ecologic cotton fabric cultivated in a natural way without pesticides; and its nucleus is made from essential soy oils and incorporates a soft layer of foam with mallow extract for a fresher finish.

The Green Collection uses innovation as a vehicle to return to the nature of rest.

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