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The way we sleep can change according to different factors, such as: age, weight, body shape or personal preferences.

Thus Cocoon was born and became the ideal mattress for couples. This new rest concept will cover every single need couples face when they buy a mattress. Basically, it offers a wide range of sensations through multiple combinations, this is why it is the perfect mattress for couples. Added to this, each member of the couple is able to customize his/her own side of bed.

Depending on softness, temperature and sensation preferences, we have designed different resting experiences that mix in one mattress.



The first thing to choose when you customize your bed side (if you sleep with your couple) is the firmness you wish. There are three different firmness degrees available (soft, medium or hard). Our recommendations are based on the person’s weight, and even though weight is only used as a guideline, the best thing to do is try the nest in order to choose the perfect one. The different firmness are achieved through Ecus Multispring® technology:

Soft < 70kg: Three adapted comfort zones.

Medium 70-90 kg: Seven adapted comfort zones.

Hard >90 kg: High density of pocket springs to achieve extra firmness.

If the couple chooses the same nest because they have similar preferences (regardless of physical characteristics), it is worth highlighting  that the Multispring® system will behave as two independent sets. Thus, if one constantly moves while sleeping, the movement will not bother the other person. Since couples can sleep all night long without being awoken by the couple’s movements, Cocoon has become the perfect mattress for couples.

colchones de pareja gama cocoon


Cocoon’s topping is divided into two halves inside of one case to adapt the product to the needs of each member of the couple. Listed below the characteristics of each topping are specified:

Breeze: If your priority is softness and you love smooth surfaces, your topping is Breeze. It is made of HR (High Resilience) foam with a 50Kg/m3 density, that is, a material that can absorb energy when it shrinks and goes back to its original shape once there is no pressure. This is so because of the exceptional open cell structure in this type of foam that gives more flexibility and more breathable fabrics.

PCM2: If temperature is your priority, we advise you to use the PCM2 topping. This material (whose initials mean Phase Change Materials), can adjust temperature: releases heat when needed and reduces it. With this topping, your body temperature will always be the advised by specialists: 28ºC-30ºC. Other viscos tend to feel overheated during some months of the year, PCM2 adapts to temperature changes maintaining the characteristic of visco foams.

Gel: For those who are always warm, we have created the Gel topping. This topping makes warmth disappear by decreasing temperature up to 3ºC-4ºC through Ecus® Gel layer. The topping is made of a visco foam whose density is of 40Kg/ m³ and a Hydrogel® layer with Thermix® fabric that help to dissipate warmth three times faster. The cool sensation helps to fall asleep faster and gives freedom of movement during sleeping.

Gravity: Its purpose is to improve body weight distribution. The decrease of pressure over our body reduces involuntary movements while sleeping and creates a weightlessness sensation. Due to an 80 Kg/m3 memory foam, one of the highest densities in the market, we can create the sensation above described.

cocoon colchones de pareja

Outside and finishes

Without forgetting the main objective of comfort and personalization, Cocoon has the added value of design. It is a creation that mixes functionality, elegance and simplicity. It is available in seven different colours in order to match the room.

If choosing the right mattress becomes a personal challenge and a swamp of doubts due to all the possibilities, when it comes to choose a mattress for couples the task can become even harder.

It is time to choose the right firmness for every one and the sleeping sensations that best fulfills our preferences. We will no longer need to come to terms when we buy a mattress since everyone will be able to customize and create his own side of the bed.

Dare to change and custimize your bed side with Cocoon.

colchones de pareja cocoon

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