Cocoon: Customize your bedside.

There are infinite resting ways, distinct and unique. Our way of sleeping varies in function of different factors. Our new concept Cocoon is born to cover your tastes and preferences specially if you sleep with your partner, now you can customize your side of the bed. The Cocoon set is composed of two elements: Nest and Topping.

Choose and customize your nest. You have three options that surely adapt to your comfort preferences. Soft, medium, or hard, for a rest of light, medium, or major steadiness. You can also guide yourself in your selection according to your weight, or simply trying them and enjoying 5 minutes on each one of them, you will be convinced! All of them with the guarantee and quality of Ecus, innovating in rest for more than 25 years.
Choose among four different toppings, to adapt to the most convenient sensation.

-PCM²: Based composite of viscoelastic phase change materials, helping to regulate the temperature in order to have mild summers and warm winters. Keeping the temperature in the comfort zone of 28⁰C to 30⁰C.

-Gel: Designed for warmer type of people, reduces thermal perception between 3⁰C and 4⁰C dissipating heat quickly. A viscoelastic layer of 40 kg / m³ and hydrogel®.

-Breeze: Softness and lightness. An excellent ventilation topping in order to promote evaporation, getting a nice cooling sensation. Open cell foam (RH) of 50 kg / m³.

-Gravity: Get the feeling of weightlessness that provides 100% viscoelastic foam D-80 kg / m³ which distributes the body’s pressure points, reducing the need for change in posture.

Finally, see our collection of fabrics available from a range of up to 7 colors.

Customize your bedside with Cocoon making the most of the multitude of possible combinations at your reach!