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At Ecus we want to give back to the bed the importance that it deserves in the room. That’s why we suggest a range of products with finishes carefully curate that show off its resistance With Au Lit we emphasize the importance of giving the user the liberty of choosing between a wide spectrum with different solutions to get your dreamed bed. We’re proposing to play with a great variety of support, color, texture, form and equipment that will give that personal touch to the room. The new Au Lit catalog has high quality standards regardless to what bed you chose. Don’t wait any longer, create your dream bed.

Storage beds

Storage beds have always been the best functional way to personalize your bed thanks to the practical side of the bed. However, the storage side comes in the way of design and good taste. That is why; we offer a selection up to 9 storage beds with a different and personal design. We want to offer as many options as possible to make your room décor as comfortable as possible. So, every design adapts to our customers needs regarding upholstery, opening system, comfort, movement, etc.


Mattress base

One of the options in our Au Lit catalog to personalize your bed is the mattress bed. Choose between our 3 designs: Boxspring, Palm and Atlantis. With Boxspring you will feel like your mattress is on a cloud thanks to the springs inside of it that provide soft support. The spring mattress Boxspring has the capability to change your mattress’ comfort with an extra element of adaptability. On the other side, the other option for the mattress bed is Palm with a slat interior very resistant, light and flexible that will add some elegance to your bed. The last one is the Atlantis design, which is the more affordable and firm option of the mattress beds, reinforced with five horizontal rods to give more resistance. The consistent and elegant appearance of the mattress beds is the right choice for those who want design inside the room. Play with Au Lit’s fabrics and adjust your bed’s height with the legs you want available in different textures and sizes.


Upholstered bases

Upholstered bases can seem like the less popular option right now to personalize your bed with, comparing it to other options such as storage beds. However, upholstered beds can be a more affordable and light option to personalize your bed with style. Also, in Au Lit’s catalog we’ve designed 3 different bases because we want to adapt to our customer’s comfort needs. That’s why they can seem the same on the outside, but the most important part of their design is on the inside, which is full of innovation. Upholstered beds present different elements such as the micro pocket spring layer on Toppu’s design. Never an upholstered base had been known to offer softness and comfort. For the ones with a more classic taste who like a firm comfort, we’ve designed Suydi, the conventional upholstered base. Au Lit’s last upholstered bed design is Raddo, who offers a great level of adaptability thanks to the incorporation of a HR extra soft high density foam layer, a simple and soft base. All of the upholstered beds, a very strong and resistant product, have different leg and upholstery options like the rest of our Au Lit’s catalog.



Au Lit’s headboards are the cherry on top of the catalog. A great variety of headboards for your bed, that is suitable for any kind of ambience. From the classic quilted headboards to more youthful ones with curves, you can choose a bold and elegant one for a more elegant bedroom or a more smooth and casual one with a minimalist touch. You can combine any of them with Au Lit’s color and scheme options in order to adapt it to your style. Headboards represent a very important part of your bed’s appearance while being a functional piece when you’re reading or lying on your bed. That’s why we also offer a restraining system to any of our catalog’s basis.


Now you have all you need to personalize your bed as you wish. Redesign your bed with all the options available in a single catalog, personalize you bed with Au Lit.

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